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Beyond University

I am a passionate advocate of the importance of Classical culture. You will regularly find me in media outlets discussing the ways in which ancient philosophers, historians, and poets can illuminate contemporary problems and future challenges. Please find my recent interviews on the Platonic love and our own and the need to rethink political moderation. I even had the luck to appear on Bored Panda!

Vilius Bartninkas

Every year I visit several Lithuanian schools. My talks range from 'Aristotle in TV series the Walking Dead' to more practical advice on studies in Lithuania and prestigious places abroad. Moreover, for the last 10 years I have been organising the Classical Academy, a non-profit summer school for children which explores various aspects of the Ancient world and which has attracted almost 250 people!

Vilius Bartninkas

I think philosophers need to demonstrate practical knowledge before preaching on ethics and politics, which is why I have various engagements with the public sector, the largest of which is the National Progress Strategy Lithuania 2050. I also offer modules on philosophical thinking and trainings in critical analysis to teachers, businessmen, and civil servants.

Lietuva 2050
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