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Teaching in Academia

Since 2018 I have been teaching students of political science and classical philology at Vilnius University. My BA and MA courses are on: 

  • Classical Political Theories

  • Ancient Philosophy

  • Plato on Knowledge of Reality

  • Moderation in Classical Culture

  • Plato's Political Philosophy

For outstanding teaching, I received the rector's prize ''Lecturer of the Year" in 2022.

Vilius Bartninkas

For their final thesis, my past students have examined such a diverse range of topics as Plato's model of rational persuasion, political theology in the Homeric Hymns, Philip Pettit's conception of freedom, and metapolitics of Martha Nussbaum. Based on this work, many of them received cum laude diplomas, published their own articles and even a book on Plato's Laws! Please drop me a message, if you have a topic for a final thesis, a PhD proposal or a research practice (funded by the Research Council of Lithuania).

Platonas Įstatymai
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